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Supply Chain & Logistics

In this area, you will also be able to walk around and get inspired by our partners’ booths. Indeed, each of them has prepared a story and/or demo to show you everything you want to know about Supply Chain & Logistics:


Innovate now with SAP Leonardo using the speed and agility of Liquid Studio.

How to drive business changes with Accenture assets and rapid prototyping to deliver SAP apps that unlock digital innovation


The Intelligent Manufacturer. Connected Machines.

Make use of IoT, Analytics and Machine learning for Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, Improved Quality.


Minimum effort, maximum asset performance

Imagine not having to perform inspections rounds and routine maintenance ever again. Sounds appealing? Capgemini will show you how to integrate IoT sensor data, historical information, publicly available models and manufacturer’s specifications into your daily asset management. By using artificial intelligence and predictive models you will be able to tell which remote assets and installations need a visit and which don’t, seriously reducing your asset maintenance cost, time and effort.


The self-driven Supply Chain

By 2030 supply chains will be “self-driven”, enabled by technological disruptions (e.g. AI, IoT, Blockchain, …) under the pressure of a fast-evolving society (e.g. CO2 reduction, zero waste, reduced water consumption, …). The purpose of a self-driven supply chain is to increase operational efficiency by automation through the entire process chain (i.e. plan, buy, make, store and sell). To reach a self-driven supply chain you need a clear strategy and roadmap fuelled by innovative solutions. We will focus on how you can reach the level of a self-driven supply chain using state of the art SAP technologies.


Scan free warehouse operations enabled by Internet of things

Imagine your warehouse operations running completely handheld devices free. Whether it is picking or putaway or even Physical inventory, the simple movement of the physical stock automatically confirms your warehouse tasks ensuring full traceability and unmatched accuracy. Operational execution has never been so efficient and seamless.

You think it is a fiction ? Our Deloitte SAP EWM experts joined forces with our IOT engineers to make this a reality.

You want to know more ? Come and visit our booth


Can SAP save the rainforest?

At Expertum, we believe that looking forward these days, equals looking back. The power of future-proof decisions and pro-active management lies within the path that has already been walked. Learn from what ‘s behind you and benefit from Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and IoT to outline the real future of your company.


Use Machine Learning to recognize and order materials simply by taking a picture

Imagine you could visually recognize materials and spare parts in your warehouse simply by taking a picture (SAP Leonardo & Machine Learning). Discover the Flexso Smart Material Wizard. It’s like your eyes but smarter and connected to SAP.


How Connected Assets increase operations efficiency.

Connected Assets transform your business into a proactive organisation that predicts and fixes potentially disruptive issues, evolves operations and delights customers and employees, all while increasing the bottom line. Ordina Belgium, Proximus and SAP joined forces to offer a packaged end-to-end solution based on SAP HANA Cloud platform.


Graphical 360° work and resource planning

SOA People Ready4 Advanced Planning is a graphical, fully-fledged planning solution that is directly integrated in SAP. Discover how you can achieve a 360° view and control of your planning so that you can better schedule your work and optimise your resources utilisation.