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Retail & Wholesale

In this area, you will also be able to walk around and get inspired by our partners’ booths. Indeed, each of them has prepared a story and/or demo to show you everything you want to know about Retail & Wholesale:


How sweet are your grapes? Prove product quality based on real-time sensor data

New technologies open new business opportunities. Using sensors and high-tech solutions through-out the entire chain from production to end customer can optimise transport, streamline product processing and deliver new customer touchpoints and experiences. See how Capgemini has implemented this in cold store transportation and fresh products quality assurance in retail stores.


How to jump start the consumer journey Analytics


IT modernization: from Edge to Core to Cloud to boost the transformation of business in Retail & Wholesale.

Meet us at this booth to understand how you support new shopper behavior leveraging mobility and IoT and provide new experiences.


Discover the full power of innovation with SAP S/4HANA and eWM for wholesale companies

Visualize warehouse processes by means of actual IoT use cases.