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Booths in the area


In this area, you will also be able to walk around and get inspired by our partners’ booths. Indeed, each of them has prepared a story and/or demo to show you everything you want to know about HR:


Digital HR Transformation: Success to Cloud with SAP SuccessFactors

Beyond migration: ARAGO Consulting supports a journey from SAP HCM to cloud SAP SuccessFactors.


Great employee experience turns your employees into ambassadors 

Attentia has begun the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors as a solution for HR. The system optimises personnel management so that organisations can focus on their core task: ensuring employees are appreciated and engaged people and, in turn, creating a “great employee experience”. 
In the meantime, the evaluation cycle has been completed and the corresponding wage increases, and bonuses have been processed in the system. Retention and recruitment have thus been fully digitalised. Our own software for flexible pay (DOTS Flexible Reward) has also been seamlessly integrated within the SAP solution. We now have a digital platform that ensures an optimum “employee experience” and our own employees become ambassadors for the system.

The lessons learned during this internal project have provided us with great insights and today help us preventing pitfalls in customer projects. We will talk about some new implementations we’re working on and the best practices for you to take home.


AI for the People – Debunking the myths! Want to hear how we tackle AI?

delaware’s hands-on customer experience relating to AI’s role in the modern workplace gives decision makers a solid overview on the do’s and don’ts of implementation. Here you’ll find examples of business cases, experiments, successes and potential pitfalls relating to our own AI projects and experiments using various components of the SAP Intelligent Enterprise stack. Get a grasp of Machine Learning, Cognitive Intelligence and AR/VR and benefit from our lessons learned from using Artificial Intelligence, with a critical view toward its impact on the people and organizations of the future.


Creating employee experience leveraging automation and analytics


Future proof HR technology to boost Employee Experience within your organization.

Employee experience is a top priority for HR leaders in 2019. Modern technology is a key driver in engaging your employees and bringing efficiency to your HR processes. Want to know how you can leverage robotics, chatbots, AI… to boost employee engagement within your organization? Let’s meet and have a talk!


How digital innovation changes HR for the better. Robots, AI and chatbots, new friends or enemies?

The evolution of technology in HR continues: What’s next? Learn more about digital innovation in HR and how to leverage the latest technologies.


Plug & Pay your HR & Payroll Management.

Are you ready to experience the best of HR and Payroll in a single service in Belgium? Wait no more, because from now on, you only have to Plug N Pay!


Intelligent People Unleash Intelligent Enterprises.

The top five people trends that will unleash your Intelligent Enterprise.