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Data & Technology

In this area, you will also be able to walk around and get inspired by our partners’ booths. Indeed, each of them has prepared a story and/or demo to show you everything you want to know about Data & Platform:


Reaching the next level in Data Analytics – New generation data warehouse @ Ajinomoto & Agfa

Using the SAP S/4HANA ready add-on results in faster processing times, less errors and more business transparency. Discover use cases from Ajinomoto & Agfa. 


Realize the self-driven back office with digital technologies

Transform your back office into a self-driven organisation allowing Finance, Procurement and many other LoBs to focus on what really matters. By bringing innovative technologies such as RPA and AI into practice, business process optimisation within finance & procurement becomes reality. It brings your people more time to spend on value adding activities.
Amongst the AI cases we bring improvements in the credit and collection process as well as the recruitment process. RPA cases brought focus on master data, HR, procurement and finance efficiency.


Imagine 7 countries live with SAP S/4HANA in 6 months. Discover our lessons learned.

Learn more about an SAP S/4HANA implementation in 7 different countries in 6 months. Gain insight in our best practices, the project approach and how to start.


More info will follow soon…


New consumption models for SAP HANA

We live in a consumption world – music, TV shows, groceries, air travel, and much more. Visit our booth to understand the newest SAP HANA consumption model. Paying for what you consume, having up to 30% reduction in infrastructure cost and proper control of your data. Learn about best practices from large SAP enterprises adopting new consumption models for SAP HANA.


Drive race-winning innovation fuelled by data, analytics and storage solutions

To create competitive F1 cars and winning race strategies, Red Bull Racing must maximize performance of the IT infrastructure running its data-intensive simulation, design and analytics solutions. Hear from IBM how they do this.


How to integrate Blockchain and Analytics using SAP Cloud Platform?


SAP cyber security: How do I secure business-critical data?

Is the business-critical data in your SAP system truly secure? Do you consider the risks beyond the authorization concept? What could this mean in an SAP S/4HANA context? What about other elements like portal solutions, custom code, internet, cloud and databases? Join us for a live hacking experience to understand how to gain control of your SAP cyber security risks, and to attend a demo on the newest SAP GRC 12 technology! 

SAP Digital

The Digital SAP – discover, try and buy SAP solutions online

SAP Services

Digitize your Customer Experience and drive your company with the new generation of dashboard.


Engage into the next evolutionary step in business analytics – Capture, manage & create actionable Insights about the unknown future with predictive analytics

How predictive analytics help you better understand your business