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Customer Experience

In this area, you will also be able to walk around and get inspired by our partners’ booths. Indeed, each of them has prepared a story and/or demo to show you everything you want to know about Customer Experience:


Relevancy: The beating heart of a Living Business with SAP C/4HANA

How to constantly evolve to meet customer demands and become hyper-relevant in a world where market turbulence is the norm.


Your omnichannel field service journey starts here


The ultimate buying experience with VR

Visit our booth to build your poolhouse and discover what happens when Virtual Reality meets CPQ.


Machine Learning, an accurate tag manager for your products

Discover how C/4 HANA uses machine learning with live cases. Provide 97% accuracy by using Machine learning to automatically tag the digital assets for rugs & carpets. Product Managers win time as only a small portion of the digital assets still need to be tagged manually. No more manual work for cross/upselling relationships as Machine learning will provide the personalized recommendations based on product, customer or visual similarity. Saving time for back-office people & making the experience more personalized leading to an increase in revenue.


Brothers in arms for the customer: how machine learning makes supply chain and marketing talk to each other

Leverage the power of the suite: S/4HANA, C/4HANA Commerce, Qualtrics and SAP Cloud Platform. Combine X and O data to drive intelligent product recommendations, increase conversion rates and improve overall customer experience.


Unlock the value of advanced personalization in your business

Delighting the modern customer requires product experiences that are extremely personal and on-demand. Learn about personalized and on-demand products at scale with digitized customization flows within SAP C/4HANA.


How to turn previous customer behaviours into targeted content

Know your customers based on their behaviour. Customer experience is hotter than ever, so make sure to adapt your content to each visitor. Did you know you can improve this based on their past actions through several channels? We can tell you how!


The love-hate relationship with complex sales

The adoption of a CRM is often seen as a real struggle. By using C4/sales in combination with Callidus Cloud, we will show you how to make your sales people love the CRM. Combining this with the full C4-suite, will provide you a fluent transition regardless of the channel.